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Runs as lubricated –

INNO FRICTION GmbH is one of the most innovative companies in Germany – the "TOP 100"

The traditional friction lining manufacturer in Hamm (Sieg) is experiencing exciting times and can count itself among the most innovative companies in Germany since this year. TOP 100 – an award of which the company is proud, because being one of the most innovative companies in Germany, is the confirmation that the management, consisting of Dr. Christian Spandern, Dr. Vera Rührup, Stefan Löhr and Frank Steinhauer, has done everything right. In the course of a management buy-out, the separation from the Schaeffler Group took place on 01.07.2019. The young company focuses on expanding its product portfolio with innovative materials made from functional fiber composites.

On behalf of compamedia, the organiser of the TOP 100 innovation competition, innovation researcher Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke and his team examined the innovative power of INNO FRICTION GmbH. The researchers used around 120 test criteria from five categories: innovation-enhancing top management, innovation climate, innovative processes and organisation, external orientation/open innovation and innovation success. At the core is the question of whether innovations are the result of a planned approach or a random product, i.e. the repeatability of innovation achievements. And whether and how the relevant solutions will prevail on the market  (further information on the test criteria under Due to the current situation, there was also a special section in this round in which the entrepreneurial response to the Corona crisis was examined. For the first time, the medium-sized company is now one of the top innovators.

INNO FRICTION friction materials are innovation and service providers in the international market for friction technology applications. Brake and clutch pads for drive motors, safety slip clutches or safety brakes are just a few examples of the extensive product range. Due to the variety of applications and customer-specific requirements, manufacturing technologies and testing competences have developed over the last few years. 

One reason why INNO FRICTION GmbH is so successful, the Managing Director Sales, Mr. Frank Steinhauer, lets us know: "Many of the developments arise in joint projects in close cooperation with both long-term and new customers. Reliability and open and trusting communication are an important basis for this. INNO FRICTION GmbH accompanies projects from the first idea to series production. "

All four managing directors agree: "As our company name puts it, innovation is one of our very important topics. Innovation is progress. Therefore, we are very proud that our actions are confirmed by this competition and that we are able to carry the award to be among the TOP 100. We draw our innovative strength from a healthy mix of competence, understanding, communication, openness to creativity and new ideas, abandoning traditional approaches and testing new ways and things, to name a few. Each company needs its own recipe for this. "

On November 26th there will be another occasion to celebrate: Then all the winners of the current TOP 100-year will come together to receive the congratulations of Ranga Yogeshwar at the 7th German SME Summit in Ludwigsburg. The science journalist has been mentoring the innovation competition for ten years.


And what does INNO FRICTION produce?

Maintenance-free plain bearing bushings
Highly stressed storage sites, such as in construction machinery, conveyors, transport vehicles or agricultural machinery, are usually equipped with grease- or oil-lubricated solid plain bearings. INNO FRICTION plain bearings are particularly suitable for replacing steel or bronze bearings that require maintenance with an environmentally friendly and maintenance-free bearing type.

Functional layers
A newly developed manufacturing process enables the production of functional layers on metallic substrates. The application areas are, for example, in the field of shaft-nabe connections. The layers prevent the shaft from moving and provide additional protection against rear rust.

In addition to friction-enhancing layers, strominsulating layers are also possible.

Many of the developments are created in joint projects in close cooperation with both long-term and new customers. Reliability and open and trusting communication are an important basis for this. INNO FRICTION GmbH accompanies projects from the first idea to series production.

The team of INNO FRICTION GmbH combines innovation with decades of experience. 

A major advantage lies in the wide range of production options on site, ranging from different types of mixture production to forming to finishing and bonding. This ensures that the material and process are optimally adapted to the product.

INNO FRICTION sees future fields in the areas of e-mobility, especially micromobility and renewable energies. Projects with well-known manufacturers are underway, so that the course towards the future has been set here as well.

More information and general pictures of the TOP 100 competition can be found on the Internet at or by e-mail to presse(at)
Dr. Christian Spandern has more information about the award-winning company at your disposal:

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